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The Local is Eastern Shore's unique cafe and restaurant, just off of Route 13, near Cape Charles.  The brilliancy of Chef Jason Van Marter takes a twist at a regular menu and turns it up several notches.  

The comfort food you enjoy will elevate your sense at The Local.   Walk through our door, and you will feel at home.  

We are an experience of Art and Food.  Just stop in and you will see...

INDULGe together

This is Fusion Comfort Food at its finest.




Food is art.  To look good, it must taste good. To taste good, the ingredients must be good. These ingredients are coming from local farmers. Chef Jason Van Marter wants you to have a most memorable dining experience by indulging on something you can't find at home. More importantly, to have this meal in a place that feels like home.

As creatures of habit, once we find something we love, we have a tendency to stick with it. There are some items that will remain a constant on the menu and some that do not. Regardless, we hope you always stop and dine with us when in the area. Our menu will be updated on a regular basis. Please check it out!


The Kitchen




Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Long Branch, NJ but did not live there but a year of my life. My father was in the Navy, so I lived mostly between Virginia and South Carolina.
What significant event spawned your love to cook?
My desire for culinary came from my Uncle. He was an amazing cook and I spent many days of my childhood watching him cook and was later taught by him initially.
What one ingredient do you love to cook with?
So many to choose from, but I am especially partial to bacon when cooking for myself :)
Favorite beer?
Right now I am digging Stillwater Brewing's The Cloud which is a lactose IPA.
What are you doing when not cooking?
Trying to spend as much time as I can with my family.
If you could go anywhere in the world for 1 week, where would you go?
Big Island, HI
Peanut butter or jelly?
Peanut Butter.