our mission

FollowTheFood will provide a platform for artistic talented chefs to express themselves to the public market.


FollowTheFood will be everything food! From social media, to physical locations and packaged food products with our brand.


FollowTheFood’s social media platform will be based on the idea of food in every aspect. We create content to increase our followings and continue to inflate interest. This content can be anything from dining in an establishment, visits to farms, or content from Chef’s that utilize the platform. Artistic Chefs will be able to market themselves as independent contractors via this platform. We utilized paid and targeted marketing campaigns on social media to boost the chefs posts in their areas and create stronger fan bases. This allows us to create a following base that will not only continue to help launch these talented chefs, but will also open our platform to be essentially funded by advertisers as we grow.


The platform will be free of charge for chefs to join. The only cost to the chefs will be in choosing additional marketing such as placement within searches or advertising within the main platform site. Investors and general public will be able to access the site and search for talent within their general areas. They should be able to put in a city/zip code and choose criteria of what they are looking for (i.e. restaurant, catering, box lunch, etc.) and from there they will be provided a list of chefs and location within their area. By clicking on the chef they will be guided to the chefs social media where they will be able to view the chef’s talent and person. This gives opportunity to essentially interview the Chef before utilizing their talents. Also gives opportunity for the Chef to market themselves to the public without being hidden behind an establishment.


We will then be able to utilize the FollowTheFood brand and establish locations across the country and provide possible opportunities to the talented chefs. We will be able to choose the chefs based on their consumer ratings from the social media platform. We can open a fixed location or food truck within an area with the FollowTheFood brand and offer an ownership incentive to a chef within that area to operate the location with creative freedom. We will be able to provide management of the budgets, bookkeeping, marketing, etc. so that the chef will be able to focus on their food and provide quality experience for their guests. We will give opportunity for a talented individual to realize their dream and test their abilities in such environment.


Moving forward, FollowTheFood can still work with the placed Chefs to create and package food products under our brand. We can utilize food providers such as farms, coffee roasters, fishmongers, etc. in the Chefs local areas to partner and co-brand these products. These products can then be sold on site, wholesale distributed and sold via online sales through our main website and/or the Chef’s individual location website.


With these directions it will allow us to target a wide demographic of individuals with an interest in food and not isolate us to specific territory. It will allow us to constantly have an innovative process to create and grow based on talents and consumer interests. It will allow us to naturally evolve and grow. The FollowTheFood brand will be a legacy in the industry that was created by Chefs and managed by Chefs. FollowTheFood will bring the Chef out of the Back Of the House and send them to you!